Get started Now Your Powerful Hosting Dedicated For You Get started Now Your Powerful Hosting Dedicated For You


We offer High speed Virtual Dedicated Servers in Kenya – Dedicated servers in Kenya that are highly optimized with 100% NMVe SSD Virtual Dedicated Servers. This is a step further in performance from the normal Virtual Private servers (VPS). Unlike the VPS, all resources of the server are fully at your disposal. We give you more computing power than ever. Our Dedicated Servers provide you with powerful CPUs, latest customizable hardware, unlimited traffic, and the highest level of server availability, flexibility and efficiency. You get to choose up to 24 CPU cores and 64 GB of RAM plus many more features for your high-performance needs..

VDS PackagePhysical CPUsLogical CPUsRAMDisk SpacePortPrice
Starter VDS Reliable low cost VPS3 dedicated Physical CPU Cores6 logical CPU cores24 GB180 GB 100% NMVe SSD250 Mbpsksh8,500/monthORDER
Standard VPS Advanced VPS hosting4 dedicated Physical CPU Cores8 logical CPU cores32 GB240 GB 100% NMVe SSD500 Mbpsksh10,000/monthORDER
Executive VPS More advanced VPS6 dedicated Physical CPU Cores12 logical CPU cores48 GB360 GB 100% NMVe SSD750 Mbpsksh14,000/monthORDER
Platinum VPS Most Powerful VPS8 dedicated Physical CPU Cores16 logical CPU cores64 GB480 GB 100% NMVe SSD1 Gbpsksh18,000/monthORDER

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